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Nune Hov Couture LLC. and Northwest Networking Umbrella

Muah Hair: Nune Hov Couture/Photo by: Don Poling
" He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything, with an impartial eye. " - Buddha

Nune Hov Couture [ Nune Hovhannisyan ] was born November 24, 1989 in Yerevan, Armenia. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and is one of the world's oldest continuously populated cities. Armenia has an extremely rich history and it has expanded expeditiously during the 20th century. In a 50 year span,  Yerevan transformed from a town of a few thousand residents within the Russian Empire to becoming the seat of national government in Armenia. Yerevan is Armenia's principal cultural, artistic and industrial center. She lived there for 5 years then moved to Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and is the 14th largest city in the European Union. It has been the center of central Europe politically, culturally and economically, founded by the Romanesque and it was in full swing by the Gothic and Renaissance eras. It was the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors: Rudolf II [1576-1612 ], Joseph II who reigned from [ 1765-1790 ], thus the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. 
Nune Hov's heritage is reflected throughout her work. Her ideas are fresh but they are backed with education. She has a degree in Business Management and a degree in Fashion Design and she has hands-on experience. She is a designer, director, model coach, make up artist, model, actress, writer and more. Nune Hov speaks 4 languages. She was the first place winner at the Vera Project in 2008, and won the people's choice award for the Imagine Fashion Show. She was the featured artist on Jibsheet, she was a featured artist for the West Seattle Herald and D List publications. Nune Hov is only 24 years young but it is Nune Hov Couture LLC. and Northwest Networking Umbrella.

Nune Hov Couture
BM: So you are from Armenia?
Nune Hov: I'm Armenian and an Eighth Russian. I have also lived in Prague and Russia for a little bit. So english is my fourth language. I was born in Armenia, where I lived for 5 years, before moving to Prague, in the Czech Republic.

" As a young girl from the age of 8 I would draw and I would gather my friends and build attractions or put together talent shows. I guess being an entertainer and an artist has always been in my blood " 
- Nune Hov Couture

BM: What are your talents?
Nune Hov: I have been doing portraiture for 13 years, so I draw.
I have taken dance and I'm good with choreography. I have taken 4 years of ballet in my life. I've taken jazz classes and modern dance classes. Right now, I dance with a belly dance group, called Dancing Mirage.

Lars Photography 2010/mua/styling by: Nune Hov
" The whole dance group led by Nalini Dance at Folklife " Nune Hov Couture
I also sing. I sang in the Armenian Church Choir and have taken maybe 3 lessons. I also joined a few bands that never got started. I have always wanted singing to be a bigger part of my life. I am an entertainer and I love the spotlight!

I am also a writer. I have been published as a poet before and am in the process of releasing the first book of series. 

I am a producer and a director. I have been directing models/fashion shows for designers and for myself for about 7 years professionally. And putting on events since I was 8. I have also been teaching modeling and acting for about 5 years on and off at local modeling agencies.
" Dancing at Folklife with my group ' Dancing Mirage ' " - Nune Hov

I am a fashion designer I have been sketching fashion for a very long time. 

  Nune Hov has been sketching fashion since she was 10 years old. She made a costume in junior high school for the medieval festival, with the help of her mother. She learned to be responsible at an early age. She'd sew, knit and cook when she was just a child. She grew up poor while in Armenia. But she didn't complain. " It has always been another way for me to express my art." She sought her business management degree immediately after high school. " Both top 10% of the state and with honor societies." 
3 years later she received her fashion design degree, she opened her company [ Nune Hov Couture LLC ] in 2011 and she is hoping to release her first production line to LA in 2014!
Art and Soul Belief:
" Books that have my poetry published in them " - Nune Couture
" I want to live my life creating beautiful things and share those beautiful things with the people I love and with the world. There is nothing more fulfilling than giving birth to a creative project and watching it affect the lives of others. I want to be controversial in my art. I want to be honest with my art, and I want to drive a positive change as much as I can with my art. " 
- Nune Hov

Las Vegas Poetry Contest 2005
Religious Belief:

 " I believe anything has power if you give it power. My religion is a mish-mosh of ideas that I picked up from my studies and experiences." - Nune Hov

                     Political Belief:

" I believe both parties have good and bad qualities and in the end it is all marketing. " - Nune Hov

" My Honor of Society medal and Taekwondo medals " - Nune Hov

BM: Tell us about Seattle?
Nune Hov: Seattle is a very crafty city, but a place where no one is compensated for their contribution to the fashion/modeling industry. I want to change that and proudly say that I pay my staff and my models because I respect and value the integrity of their work and their time. I have a great article that I wrote about fashion in Seattle which is available here:!/2009/12/seattle-as-fashion-industry.htm/
Who said green fashion can't be rock and roll?
BM: What is your favorite thing about the city?
Nune Hov:  I love the people here and I love the vibe of the city. how multi-cultural we are and how creative we are. I think we do tend to be a little too passive-aggressive, but maybe that is just my European genes speaking.

BM: Organizations and/or information you'd like to share
Nune Hov: Check out the Northwest Networking Umbrella blog page to see all of the talent we have supported through our events:

 Short Term Goal:
" In production: become a successful networking event that locals can rely on to provide them with opportunities for excellence.
In design: release and sell my first line so that I can quit my other jobs and do what I love.. Publish my book! " Nune Hov

Long Term Goal:
" In Production: Become a national event that provides opportunities for excellence for all participants and allows for Seattle to become an industry in fashion where professionals can stay and depend on for professionals to get work.
In design: become a brand like McQueen and change the world of fashion by designing through companies that run on alternative energy and source materials that are organic and made from recyclables. 
Who said green fashion can't be rock and roll?

NUNE HOV Model Nune Hov
NUNE HOV Model Anya Zaytseva

"Publish my 

series That shares and supports the writings of many locals " 

- Nune Hov 

Nune Hov Model Michelle Green
How would you like to be remembered?

Nune Hov  
I want to be the next Alexander McQueen. 
But at a whole new level.

Nune Hov Model Michelle Green

Alexandria Bucephalus Beta.. 
one half of Alexandria Bucephalus 
Bucephalus Media 
to the world.. via internet
 N U N E  H O V


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