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Photographer Samra Akhundova from Baku, Azerbaijan Speaks.. ' Beyond Words '

" My Art is to transmit all of the internal and spiritual experiences and feelings in photographs.. " Samra Akhundova

B a k u
Akhundova Samra was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan, which is located, on the western coast of the Caspian Sea. Its environment possesses mud volcanoes, salt lakes, and it has a subtropical semi arid climate. It's warm and dry during the summer seasons while the winter seasons are nippy and wet.
The winds constantly blow, year round. The speed of the khazri [khazri are the cold northern winds and the gilavar are the warm southern winds] sometimes reaches 90 mph, which causes damage to homes and crops. In the summer the khazri cools the lands, but during the winter, the khazri is driven by masses of polar air that causes the coastal temperatures to fall below freezing.
Akhundova works are otherworldly. You see spectacular blends of human qualities, magnified in every way possible. You feel her winds though out.
emotional climates within Samara Akhundova's works like Baku. They are rich in depth and meaning  
' The Photographs depict the deep meaning of life, the resistance of good and evil, of spiritual strength, magic rituals, and symbols. ' Samra Akhundova

" My name is Akhundova Samra

Photographer/Artist Samra Akhundova
The meaning of Akhundova is unknown. The name is most popular in Russia. The source of the name is probably Russia or possibly Switzerland.
The meaning of Samra is ' fruit ', ' fruit/result ', ' regard/guardian ' . One of the sources said ' the language of origin is Hebrew, others linked the name to an Arabic name meaning, ' soft light, tan color '. There also was an origin in Hebrew, ' regard and guardian ' and Latin ' elm seed '. says "Samra Name Meaning Indian (Panjab): Sikh name derived from the name of a Jat tribe. Muslim: variant of Samara.

I was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan "

Baku's history dates back to the the first century AD. " Azerbaijan - Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah's Palace " - delivers interesting facts on Baku's legacy:
- The Walled City of Baku was built upon a location inhabited since the Paleolithic period. 
- There are traces of Zoroastrian, Sasanian, Arabic, Persian, Shirvani, Ottoman and Russian culture.
-The inner city, name is Icheri Sheher has preserved its 12th century defensive walls.
" Pain destroys from within " -SA
-Baku's Maiden Tower was originally on the shore of the Caspian Sea.

Bucephalus Media:
 What got you into photography?

Samra Akhundova:
" Dream to fly " -SA
 Since my childhood I was very interested in drawing and it was the main reason for my education at the Art academy.
During my study in the Art Academy I got interested in photography and within time the interest grew into a professional activity.

Bucephalus Media:
 Do you create graphics too?
Samra Akhundova:
I have a Masters in turkey so hopefully soon I will do graphics also.

Bucephalus Media:
Where do you find the models?
Samra Akhundova:
At the beginning all of my models where friends and girls whom I knew, but after I became known for my work, many people I did not know approached me to take their picture.

" Loss and Gain " -SA
Bucephalus Media:
Do you specialize work for people or musicians?
Samra Akhundova:
Mostly I would say for people.

" Losing balanced taking off " -SA
 Bucephalus Media:
What are your prices?
Samra  Akhundova:
It depends on the order, format of the photos and quantity. As for now, the prices are between 300-500 euros. 

" Mysterious Glow " -SA
Bucephalus Media:
What are your short and long term goals?

Samra Akhundova:
It is to graduate from the University, to start working in the studio as a professional photographer and organize my first exhibition of my photography work.
To work hard, participate in various contest, study and develop my skills and technique in photography in the long run to become a well known photographer, finally.

Something we, Myth-Ra Raised and Samra Akhundova combined together on. 

" Immersed in thought... " -SA

" My art is to transmit all the internal, spiritual experiences and feelings in photographs, so you feel it without words and get clean energy and emotions while looking at them. Mainly I do portraits, photos showing spiritual experiences, lostness, and all those emotions that the person experienced, not focusing attention on it. I catch these moments and create works of art that fully conveys the inner works of mankind. And all of that is connected with a person is already a work of art.
" Solution... " -SA
All the mysterious, hidden from the people is one of my favorite topics. 
The photographs depicts the deep meaning of life, the resistance of good and evil, of spiritual strength, magic rituals, and symbols. Such genre pictures make you think, the ones looking at them feels mystical auras and mysterious images, in which a person sees themselves. the deepest mystery of the universe is indeed the person themself  " Samra Akhundova

Samra Akhundova's Site

" Peace and Revelation " -SA

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