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Director Cyril Mahe-Niroshima Says, ' The Sky's The Limit '

" I come bearing an olive branch in one hand, and 

the freedom fighter's gun 

in the other. 

Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. "

Yasser Arafat

Above is one of Cyril Mahe's favorite quotes.

Cyril Mahe was born August 31, 1977, in Thiais Val De Marne [94], France. His hometown is Villejuif, a commune in the southern suburbs of France. He graduated from Lycee Adolphe Cherioux and Jean Mace in 93'-95'. He completed the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle in 96'.
As a youth he was heavily influenced by Hip Hop but he listens to an array of music. Also, Cyril Mahe enjoys the works of artists like Michael Jackson, Stephen Marley, Millie Jackson.

" My first major success came with the rap group 2Bal 2Neg in 96' "
- Cyril Mahe

Cyril Mahe and Artist/Producer
Mobb Deep
Within a few years, came Niroshima as a lable, with a publishing deal with Sony ATV; a recording studio in Paris, where he started producing for high powered artists like KRS-1, Immortal Technique, and Paris's Greats like Sniper, Lord Kossity, and Pop Artists from France like the riveting Clara Morgane and the exceedingly talented Julie Zenatti.
Cyril Mahe-Niroshima was well respected and connected in France but he desired.. much more. In 2007 he relocated to New York.
His goal?
One of which, is to create classic films somewhere beautiful like California.
He started off as a rapper and seen success. He got into beat making and music production and seen success.

Music Videos, Events, Film
it is Niroshima Films. The music is still going on, it is his first love, but ' Elevation is a Must ' Niroshima has simply  expanded. 
videographing, editing material, directing videos and... an assortment of other services, like industry standard photographic work, original music for video productions. 
He shot the Fashion Event ' Never Give Up ' for  To-Tam Sachika, President of Sachika and 
To-Nya Sachika, Creative Director/Ceo of Sachika. 
Since 2008, when Cyril first placed a camera in his hand, he has produced over 150 videos: Directing, Videographing,  and editing them.

"I have several gold records in France as an Artist, Beat maker and Producer"

How did you connect with so many powerful contacts, being you just arrived in the United States in 2007?  
I linked up with Americans artist by meeting one person that introduced me to the next and so on...
Except for Napoleon, we met in France.  And CF was my neighbor When I lived in New Jersey.

The Beautiful
To-Tam & To-Nya 
Fashion Designers, Entrepreneurs

What sparked your interest in film and how is it different from music production?
What sparked my interest in films.. It actually was somewhat like making a beat to me, like the continuity. The same thing for the technical aspect.. The software are somewhat similar [same type of logic].
The worst critique I had was my beats had a lack of originality. I was told that my beats sounded like G-Unit or Timberland, which made sense because I like that type of stuff. 

*   *   *
- His music material like his videos are clean, but they're perfect for the underground artist desiring that single, to get mainstream sells or radio plays.

*   *   *
[He continues..]
When I make films.. my identity, my sense of humor, the cultural difference mixed with what I learned here in the U.S., really gives me some type of unique identity, I believe.

I go deeper when I make films. I explore different emotions, different types of beats. I definitely give a more intimate part of myself.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?
In the near future I see myself in NYC showcasing the few projects I am cooking right now: ' The Wallet ' and ' The Devil May Care ' I may do film festivals, music videos...

Music & Film Producer,
Director, Videographer
Niroshima Films
The Love for the craft is a given.
You got to put in the work to see success.
years later, Cyril has elevated his knowledge on film production, strengthening his worth.
years after his arrival into the United States, he has established  himself as a film producer, director, writer, videographer... And he has acquired strong ties though the years, with loyal agents, that are as ambitious as he. His efforts match his ideas, and his grit match his charm.

Cyril and Napoleon Da Legend
on site

Tell us a lil about Napoleon
Da Legend?
Napoleon has been a good friend from the start. We have known each other for almost 15 years.
We have met thanks to my cousin. He's intelligent, real. He has a tight flow and great voice.

He just released 'Awakening'

16 tracks.. featuring Sean Price, Raekwon the Chef, Spit Gemz and Minus 9

Cyril Mahe-Niroshima directed Napoleon Da Legend's latest video 
" Wise Men "
Sean P.

Napoleon Da Legend
" Wise Men "
Featuring Sean Price
from the
Boot Camp Clik

Tell us about the ' Back to Basics ' show, I really enjoyed the show?
' Back to Basics '.. was my first show. It was a big journey with a small budget. A starting point, a first step. It was a lot of fun to do!

*   *   * 
The only explamation points Cyril used was when he expressed how much he liked Napoleon Da Legends voice, and when he expressed how much fun he had making ' Back to Basics ', even though it was a big journey with a small budgets.

*   *   *

Back to Basics
Episode One
" Surprise "
See all of the episodes here on Bucephalus TV

Bucephalus Media Review 
' Back to Basics '

Cyril Mahe, To-Nya Sachika, To-Tam Sachika,
Herna Rodriguez, Carly Wise
I really enjoyed Back to Basics. It is about a brother, Michael Grant, that thought he had something good, and it was a super dud. Being the relationship type, cancer or something, he instantly searched for another. And through it all, drama, after drama... from all angles. I mean even a gay dude was upset with him because one of the girls, that was interested in him, began thinkin he was gay because he like laughing with the fellas by the water machine. She must have been a nosey ass scorpio, with her Sexy/Crazy ass. You know, looking at things too deep.
Model/Actor Bryan Winston
she sent the gay dude to him and he ended up kissing Michael at the party, out of the blue, in front of his friend.. yeah, crazy!
later on the gay dude smacks Michael on the streets, in the hood.. because He thought, they had somin goin on. The gay dude still mad man!
just light a smoke, or pop a bottle... Cyril and his associates, did the damn thing. I gave him 5 Stars. He wore a lot of hats. He directed, videographed, co-wrote and produced, for Blueshoes Films. He brought his associates like the stunning fashion designers, identical twins, To-Nya and To-Tam [SACHIKA]. They both did a great job ; Napoleon Da Legend had a nice cameo.. The lead, Bryan Winston, who played as Michael Grant.. represented! The casting directors Izreal Medina and Natasha Young did a great job!
Do not pay attention to the likes, hating is in style... His work was as ingenious as it was comical. It was well written.
After he gets the Dji Phantom, it will definitely be on.

Bucephalus Media

New York Fashion Week Show S/S 2012
Mermaid Paradise

Filmed by: Cyril Mahe, Izreal Medina, James Ayala
Edited by: Cyril Mahe 

What are your short term goals?
My short term goal is to upgrade my camera, get a Dji Phantom.

What are your long term goals?
My long term goals is to make great films, live in a place where the weather is nice like Cali, but still be in NYC often.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell the world?
What I would like tell the world.. 
So many things, but I need to get their attention first. And the rest will be said in films.




N a p o l e o n
D a 
L e g e n d


"As a film maker you have to tell the story that nobody else will say, [the] story of the past."
Cyril Mahe-Niroshima

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