Thursday, March 7, 2013

R&B Artist, Rapper, Writer, Model, Actress.. Lovely Monay of Lovely Monay Enterprise - Is Doing Big Things!

The Lovely Monay
' Ballin' '
Lovely Monay on set of her music Video,
" Peace Please "
 Representing  Houston, Texas to the fullest, born and raised, Lovely Monay can not be faded. She is the life of the party, whether you like it or not. Bubblier than the most bubbliest, Lovely Monay gets-hers-done like Larry the cable guy. She handles hers.. business, the stage with ease, haters shrink in the rearview mirror. Gone.. without a second glance, she rolls on, watching out for the wreckless. 
All Eyes On Lovely Monay '
Her interest for music developed at the age of 5 because her father and uncle were in a band. She would see them running around.. practicing, doing shows and from there, it was a wrap, she craved to be a star. In fact she is a star. Just because you can't see her shining doesn't mean she don't shine. 

Mult-talented Lovely Monay is very adaptable artistically and we [Bucephalus Media] have the physical evidence.

Bucephalus Media brings you the best career minded individuals, because like them we take this game seriously. Refusing to be categorized, Lovely Monay not only crosses genres but she puts her money where her mouth is.

Lovely Monay and Diego onset
"would say I am very 
versatile. I always say 
' Keep it vers'e ' 
So if you hear me say that.. 
that means versatile. 
I can go either way: hood, classy it doesn't matter. 

I adapt to any situation I Am in. "
- Lovely Monay
[Beyond words]
Her works are full of color and imagination. And it cost to be the boss, so support would be a solid investment. Let's venture into her modeling work. The camera loves her, she is very photogenic, career minded and very professional. She surrounds herself with the best: people and objects, to bring her supporters quality work, whether it be modeling, music or acting.. best believe, she puts her heart into her work.
Lovely Monay is ahead
of the game

Bucephalus Media is proud to have  Lovely Monay's work in our collection.
Lets Work!  
She brings the Heat!

Lovely Monay is a workaholic and she loves her calling [being an artist]. It is beyond a dream. It is an investment. Her dream is her reality. She has beautiful facial features and an amazing body to match, that she moves eloquently. She has the ability to sell fashion, cosmetics: hair and make up, jewelry and accessories, with ease. 

She is fully capable of a multitude of looks, from the dark and mysterious to the rich and sexy. She is an actress so she can perform commercials as well. It's obvious that the camera loves her, but the video camera loves her just the same. Having professional music videos under her belt Lovely Monay exudes pure confidence, and the behind the scene videos, whether it be the photography or the music video shows that she is well qualified for any creative leadership role. Her down to earth positive nature brings the best out of everyone involved in her projects. She shares the spot-light with the make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer, videographer... She is a BOSS.

Behind the Scenes of Lovely Monay's Photo Shoot

Behind the scene of Lovely Monay's Music Video

"I am just a chick that loves music and has a big heart"
                                                                                   - Lovely Monay

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"Leave the past in the past. Don't run from it, learn from it and erase all Dream-Killers out of your life."
                                                                                - Lovely Monay

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